Leaving Hebron, but not quite

I left Hebron three weeks ago today, and I haven’t written anything since. Back in London I’ve been moving house, training in public speaking with EAPPI (stay tuned for details of my public talks about life in Hebron) and trying to make sense of what I’ve seen over the past three months. And I’m still trying to figure out how a city with such a reputation for violence can so thoroughly steal your heart.

But there are many more stories to tell from this divided city – I have a stack of notebooks and a head full of memories – so I’m going to start blogging again soon. Thanks to everyone for their encouragement, kind words and useful feedback so far.

With Badia Dwaik from the Hebron-based nonviolent activist group Youth Against Settlements. Hebron, August 2012. [Photo: Eero Mantymaa]



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3 responses to “Leaving Hebron, but not quite

  1. Maggie Lewis

    Looking forward to however you manifest XXX

  2. Chris, your stories, and perhaps more importantly how you have told them, have been an inspiration

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